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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 6

"Purple Pills" part 1

Season 10 Episode 21-24
Canadian airdate: September 23-29th, 2010

Boycott the Caf name: "The Downfall of Fritz"
Important characters: Clare, Adam, Fritz, Eli, Fiona, Holly J
Issue of the Week: Exam week is a crazy week

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DTNG 1021

Holly J is carrying Fiona's bags in exchange for Fiona helping Holly J come up with a spectacular theme for an upcoming school dance. They arrive at Fiona's house where her hoity-toity rich person lawyer who didn't get his degree from the internet is there to tell her that the case against the guy who threw her down a flight of steps is moving to trial and she will have to testify, something Fiona does not want to do. The only way she could avoid giving her testimony is if she drops the charges.

Fiona has a copy of Bobby's deposition on a DVD for some reason, part of the Canadian legal system I suppose. Bobby claims that Fiona was troubled, and plagued by demons, which caused her to throw herself down stairs and vomit pea soup.

Giving a deposition about the man who punched you in the face out of love is like twice as stressful as coming up with a theme for a dance so Fiona's therapist wants to put Fiona on anti-anxiety medicine for when she's feeling stressed out. Let's see, anti-anxiety medicine, a show that hits on important issues teens face in real life, the episode is called "Purple Pills", I bet I know what the main plot is going to be-

Shawn blew up a mailbox!

boy meets world

This picture comes up if you do a search for "I blew up another mailbox" in Google images. It is the only picture.

Instead of taking her meds Fiona drinks some champagne.

DTNG 1021

Adam tells Eli that he has ordered mixed martial arts madness on pay-per-view for guy's night (he also gets burned when Fritz points out guys night requires guys. This is a burn on both Adam and Eli) but woe upon woes Eli is bailing on guy's night to study. Study Clare's boobies!

At school, Riley and Zane have a brief conversation about the butt sex they had last night in the butt. Anya comes by and tells Riley he should come out already but Riley wants to wait for the end of football and have a big coming out event. He and Zane will be running for Homocoming king and queen.

In a wacky turn of events, the king and queen nominations are published online, meaning Riley has inadvertently outed himself before his self-imposed deadline. Riley thinks everybody will be flipping and having a freak out and pooping their manties but nobody is going to care. Everybody knew he was gay.

In a clear homage to Watership Down the animated series, there is a scene with Holly J, Sav, and Fiona having a meeting. Holly J wants to review all the dances Degrassi has held and itemize what they like. Sav however wants something fresh and hot. Foam party! Fiona suggests what is essential to prom is gambling. I like it.

DTNG 1021

Adam runs into Eli and Clare at where else, The Dot. Adam comes to the conclusion that Eli and Clare don't want him around because he is a third wheel. Adam invokes "Bros before hos" and Eli responds by saying "Yeah, well if you let me play with your boobies maybe I wouldn't need Clare," which makes things awkward to say the least.

DTNG 1021

Fiona has made it a habit to pour champagne into her water bottle. I don't get it. You're suppose to put your alcohol into a Gatorade bottle. What are kids doing these days? Plus is champagne even all that alcoholic? You don't see winos buying cheap champagne, after all.

Fiona's mom wants to fill the prescription for happy pills Fiona's therapist gave her but Fiona doesn't want to have it filled because she is dumb.

Fiona practices her deposition and has all kinds of crazy flashbacks about getting beat up by Bobby and the time she her CO made her murder an entire village in Vietnam.

The scene ends with Fiona knocking a lamp over because she is all drunk off the bubbly.

Fiona decides she will not take any medication because it will make her a more credible witness somehow. I don't know, girl be drunk yo.

In more serious news, Simpson isn't sure about the dance idea because casinos are loud and scary, so the idea has to be pitched to the PTA.

At lunch, Adam doesn't want to sit with Eli and Clare and is invited by Fritz to sit with him. Fritz is the guy who previously threw Adam into a wall after trying to see Adam's wiener. Fritz says he wants bygones to be bygones and is willing to start anew with Adam.

The two of them make a few emo jokes about Eli which makes Eli cry and listen to My Chemical Romance.

Later that day, Eli apologizes to Adam for bailing on Bro Night 2010. Adam invites him for a new Bro Night but Eli turns it down because he likes girls more than Mario Baseball, which is retarded because Mario Baseball is way more fun. Adam starts to have a hissy and Eli tell him to stop being a girl which makes Adam's hissy turn into an all out fit.

Adam says he is going to hang out with Fitz instead of Eli which makes Eli act like Fitz is Hitler and he is Jewish. Eli really hates that guy. Fitz must have said something bad about Tim Burton.

Fiona's mom bought a new lamp. This drives Fiona to drink.

DTNG 1021

The coolest black guy to ever be on the show is pumped that Riley is gay because he had a bet going on.

Drew is supportive of Riley and tries to get the team to stop making gay jokes but is unsuccessful. Riley, rather than punching everybody, tells them to focus on the game and they all start hooting. Armstrong does nothing to stop the gay jokes because he is a terrible authority figure.

DTNG 1021

Fiona gets drunk before the PTA meeting which makes her think that dressing like a hussy will convince the PTA that casino night is a good idea. Jesus, even drunk people aren't that stupid.

The football team won! The other team ate some bad hot dogs at a pre game BBQ and all had to diarrhea. A forfeit is still technically a victory! Celebrate!

Coach Armstrong got his old friend from Eastern College to come scout Riley. Riley worries that being gay will somehow hurt his college football career. If anything it will help him because the coach will know that he won't be out raping strippers before the big game.

The PTA decided to approve casino night, so I guess Fiona's plan worked. Never underestimate the advantages of getting old men horny. Fiona takes this as a sign that she is better off self-medicating with alcohol than taking purple pills.

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