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The Candy Bandits

There are three or maybe four Candy Bandits, it seems to change depending on how many of the actors showed up that day. In fact, there seems to be at least two which have just sort of disappeared. I'm going to do some mini reviews here for each Candy Bandit, but first some general Candy Bandit history.

The Candy Bandits debut in "Gangsta Gangsta" where they are shown breaking into a candy machine. They don't break into the machine to steal money like normal people would; rather they just smashed the glass and stole all the candy. Then Jay gave Sean a candy bar to buy his silence. Yes, that is as insane as it sounds. They are also seen stealing candy from the Dot, and later on, they are seen eating even more candy, because damn it they love candy.

Individual Candy Member Bios:


JayJay made his debut well before the other Candy Bandits. You may remember him from the episode where Marco came out of the closet. Yup, that's Jay making fun of queers. Good old Jay, you can always count on him to be doing something evil. Also he knows the Montreal Crew which is great because it's just not a cool party without the Montreal Crew.

Final Grade: B


TowerzYou may be saying, Who? He's the large black man who decided to date Liberty because he likes smart woman. That was the last time we saw him. In his two episode appearance, he never spoke, and was attracted to Liberty. Not a good combo, the only positive aspect he has is that his name is Towerz. That's a pretty cool name

Final Grade: D+

That Girl Who Dated Sean for One Episode (Amy)

Girl with SeanShe dated Sean for one episode, then was not seen until she died from alcohol poisoning in a recent episode. It turned out she broke up with Sean because she wanted to date some other guy. Probably a member of the Montreal Crew. She isn't to spectacular, but hey she's willing to make out with Sean in the middle of class, so that's pretty rad.

Final Grade: C

That Other Girl (Alex)

AlexThis is the girl who I think may be dating Jay. Who knows, these people don't matter. Hell, as far as I know the producers bring in a new person to play this girl each week; I'd never notice if they did. This girl gains some points for being School Vice President while being in a street gang.

Final Grade: C+

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