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Manny SantosManny Santos

Nicknames: Slut
Quotable Quotes: none

Ah Manny, what a journey it's been. She started out as nothing more then Emma's sidekick. Whatever wacky adventure Emma was up to that week, Manny would be right by her side, not really saying much, or contributing to the show. Then one fateful day, Manny decided the best way to get a man's attention was to dress like a whore.

The life of a whore was all she imagined and more, boys started paying attention to her, people were talking to her, and dance music played when she exposed her underpants. Whether she was protesting wooden toilet seats or bending over in science class, Manny was the center of attention. Unfortunately, this upset Emma. She didn't approve of Manny's bootylishus makeover and they stopped being friends. Manny went off to date some random guy. Then two episodes later, she was friends with Emma again because random guy dumped her. All was fine until the day Jimmy had a rave at his house. Emma wanted to attend this event in order to seduce Chris. However to her distain, she found out Chris had a girlfriend I'm pretty sure was named Mylanta. It's hard to understand what Chris said since he always talks like his mouth is full of cotton. Well, Emma didn't find love, but Manny did. Craig was at the party because his parents kicked him out of the home for the evening. The two lovebirds went to Emma's house for a night of hot, hot sex. However, Emma showed up, because it is her home, and yells at them. Because Craig was sort of dating Manny, UH OH!

Well Craig couldn't get Manny fever out of his head or pants. They hook up again in the episode "Holiday", which is by far the worse episode of Degrassi. It features the parents way to much, is depressing because it shows the downfall of Craig, and for a period of time was the only episode The-N would ever show. Well, I guess it's better then that god damn Breakfast Club episode. That fucking episode didn't even have Spinner in it. In the end of "Holiday" both Manny and Ashley have dumped Craig, and Manny has been branded a whore. Her image finally fit her outfit.

Craig had left Manny branded as a boyfriend stealer, and also pregnant. That's an important point too, he left her pregnant. Craig is excited about the prospect of being a father, but he is sort of mentally unstable. Manny is less enthusiastic, in fact she is so unenthusiastic she get an abortion. Hey Craig, it doesn't look like you're going to be a daddy now. Of course if you live in America, don't plan on seeing that episode. "Accidents Will Happen", is banned in America for being too intense. Even though The-N claims to be 100% intense, this shows they are lying. No amount of Punk Rock Aerobics commercials or My So Called Life reruns can make up for this. Since that episode, Manny has just been lying low, trying to regain her reputation, and fighting off her urges for JT.

Final Grade: B

She starts out as a lame sidekick to a lame character but is able to get past that. She dresses like a whore, and has had sex with Craig. Sounds like a solid character to me.