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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells

Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells

  05.09.10   Johnny

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    ABC's Cavemen: Sure To Be A Big Hit With Black Audiences

ABC's Cavemen: Sure To Be A Big Hit With Black Audiences

  10.08.07   Billie

Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll

09.01.02 06.11.10   Emily M.
7 1

Deadliest Catch

"New Blood"

04.12.11 06.05.11   Billie

The Land Before Time: The Animated Series

  03.01.11   Johnny
    Magic and Monsters

Mazes and Monsters

12.28.82 08.23.10 0 Johnny

The Magic Bullet

  01.30.11   Vince
    Pro Stars Review

Pro Stars

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

  05.28.07   Johnny

The Real Ghostbusters

"Look Homeward, Ray"

11.08.86 08.03.10   Billie
1 17

Tiny Toon Adventures

"Prom-ise Her Anything"

10.08.90 05.20.11 A- Johnny

The Weird Al Show: The Complete Series

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

  07.14.10   Billie
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Drew Carey

March 01 2010
by Johnny Dangerous
May 20 2004
It Was Not Cancelled Two Years Ago
by Billie Green and Johnny Dangerous

Power Rangers

December 12 2005
Mail Time #2 Billie Responds to Power Ranger Related Hatemail
by Billie Green
April 17 2006
The Red Power Ranger Probably Doesn't Suck Cock for a Living He is a Time Share Guy or Something
by Billie Green
March 27 2006
Go Go Gay Ranger The Red Power Ranger Likes Cock (Maybe)
by Johnny Dangerous
September 19 2005
Mighty Murderin' Power Ranger Power Ranger Actors Kill
by Johnny Dangerou
May 24 2004
Heavily Researched Article
by Billie Green
April 17 2004
Power Rangers Characters You Never Thought Were Gay Until Now You Never Knew Back in the Day
by Billie Green
March 02 2004
Mysterious Connection Between The White Power Ranger and Casey Jones These guys may be the same.
by Johnny Dangerous


July 09 2010
It's Daytime TV Only the best
by Johnny Dangerous
July 20 2009
The Celebrity Apprentice 3 It is not a good show
by Billie Green
January 05 2009
Christopher Meloni's Twitter Page The Law & Order actor enjoys Twitter
by Billie Green
December 22 2008
It's Daytime TV Many fine hits
by Billie Green
November 13 2008
Another TV Article The new TV season
by Billie Green
June 30 2008
A Look at Shows Starring Younger Versions of Peoples A Look at Shows Starring Younger Versions of Peoples
by Johnny Dangerous
June 16 2008
Your Guide to the Heroes of House A guide to a show that is off the air until three months from now
by Billie Green
March 31 2008
The Return of TV TV returns
by Billie Green
October 08 2007
Lessons Learned During My Time As A Slider Sometimes you never know what to expect from life
by Rembrandt Lee Brown
August 20 2007
A Guide to Shows That Are On 24 Hour News Channels I'm Johnny Dangerous, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
by Johnny Dangerous
August 06 2007
Who I Want To Be A Superhero Who does
by Johnny Dangerous
June 18 2007
Reality TV Shows on Cable I hate most of these
by Billie Green
July 17 2006
Carl Winslow's Words of Wisdom From the Great Patriarch
by Johnny Dangerous
May 29 2006
Fake Adult Swim Bumps Take THAT Cartoon Network
by Billie Green
January 30 2006
The Classics of Canadian Television Eh? Eh?
by Billie Green
September 29 2004
PBS's Greatest Hits< Made Possible with Readers Like You
by Johnny Dangerous